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Custom Services
Angel Fire Home Care provides weekly home checks for all properties we oversee. We promise to treat your home as if it were our very own. With a watchful eye and the expertise necessary to handle any problems that might arise, you can trust that your home is in the best possible hands. We will report to you in thorough detail regarding every issue facing your home and make professional recommendations where necessary. 

  • Tripped Breakers 

Is there anything worse than starting your vacation with a blind search for the breaker box? Never fear, we check the panel upon every inspection and verify that it is per your exact specifications. If you want it on, it’ll be on; if you want it off, it’ll be off…every time.

  • Vandalism or Forced Entry

Upon checkout of your guests and during every inspection, we will secure all doors and windows as well as check for any sign of attempted or forced entry. Our inspections are randomized to ensure the utmost safety of your home and invited guests. 

  • Pest Invasion

We know you come to enjoy the wildlife. We’ll make sure it stays outside! Your home will be monitored weekly for visible pest invasion.

  • Plumbing Failures

No small problem grows bigger, faster than a plumbing problem! We will check every toilet and faucet to prevent your money from needlessly running down the drain.

  • Moisture Problems

No corner is left unchecked! We will scour your home for any sign of water damage or potential moisture issues.

  • Phone Service

If you have a landline phone or an alarm system installed, they will be checked upon every inspection.

  • Propane Tank Inspection

In the wintertime, we will check your propane tank’s level on a monthly basis and arrange to have it filled as needed.

In addition to our weekly home checks, we also provide a plethora of extras. If you’re tired of coming home to a cold house and an empty fridge, if you worry about your home when you’re away, if you’re constantly checking the Angel Fire forecast and wondering if your driveway is accessible or if your pipes are safe, Angel Fire Home Care is the answer! 

We pledge to provide you with professional, personalized service tailored to meet your specific needs. Please review the following list to learn more about the services we proudly provide.

  • Housekeeping

We're not afraid of the white glove treatment! We can arrange to have your house cleaned according to your check-in/check-out schedule. 

  • Home Openings/Closings

Prior to guest arrival, we will set the lights, heat, breakers, etc. to your specified “occupied” setting. Upon checkout, we will return your home to your predetermined “dormant” mode.

  • Heating System 

You control the thermostat, even from hundreds of miles away! When your home is not in use, we will return the thermostat to the exact temperature you have requested. And if you want us to turn up the heat in preparation for your arrival, we will do that, too!

  • Frozen/Broken Pipes 

When you wake up at two in the morning on December 1st because you’re worried about the temperatures in Angel Fire…go back to bed! Your faucets are dripping, your cabinets are open. We’re got it covered, we promise! And because it’s inevitable that pipes will occasionally freeze despite all efforts to the contrary, we’ll be there to handle even the very worst case scenario. 

  • Refrigerator Checks

Prior to your arrival and upon checkout of any guests, your refrigerator will be set per your exact specifications.

  • Snow Plowing/Deck Clearing

After a heavy snowfall or before the arrival of winter guests, we will procure and supervise professional snow removal services. 

  • Concierge and Specialty Services 

It’s your vacation! Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Whether it be chocolate chip cookies on the kitchen counter, a mint on the pillow of a turned down bed, groceries in your refrigerator, or that thing you forgot magically awaiting your arrival, we want you to feel at home!